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Who Are We?


Founder of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Yoga Yoga’ is first and foremost a loving father and certified in Yoga and Kids Yoga. Class Instructors are primarily mothers, all which are Yoga Certified and have been trained to mentor children in our 
​unique Kid’s Yoga adventure.


Where we educate this ultimate experience:

Schools/Preschools (Ages 3-8), Neighborhood Community Centers,  In Yoga Studios of Adult Gyms, 
Churches, Birthday Parties

Benefits of yoga for kids:

 increases strength and flexibility helps them relax, unwind, and calm down helps them sleep better improves their fine and gross motor skills develops self-confidence and self-expression promotes a healthy, active lifestyle builds healthy selfless friendships in/out of class.

What makes us different?

Immerse children in yoga-inspired learning adventures
Cultivate trust through partnering exercises Ignite creative play within the inclusive group Board games which allows each to perform yoga poses during their turn. Silly songs reflecting the animal yoga poses performed by children. Excitement that follows each child after class and into their family life

Names of some kids yoga poses we practice with your children: Downward Dog, Cat Pose, 
Lion Pose, Eagle Pose, Monkey Pose, Frog Pose, Crow Pose, Cobra Pose, Butterfly Pose,
Tortoise Pose, Fish Pose, and on and on and on!
We are happy to come in and give you a demonstration so you can see the power our program has on the children.
​ Call to learn about the our magical combination of merging kids' yoga with stories, games and laughter.